2020 Registration will open in the Fall.

2020 dates (27 & 28 March) are now definite!

​​Save the Date!

​In view of 2019’s sellout, we urge potential attendees to register early. This is especially true for vendors! Vendor space sold out in 2017 and ’18. In 2019, it did so with exceptional rapidity. There may be less space available in 2020.

Frequently-asked questions.

Why is there so little mention of the hotel on the mail-in conference registration form … and none at all in on-line registration?

Reserving a room at the hotel is separate from Conference registration. ​You must make your own reservation, but do not use the chain’s (800) number. Instead, please call the Clarion Inn directly at its local number, (937) 832-1234. Mention HD&F when making your reservation to obtain the special discount rate, unchanged since 2016, of $89 per night plus tax. Unfortunately, the tax rose by .25% in 2019. One improvement in 2019 was that the Clarion Inn began to guarantee our rates for three nights (in 2020, that would be from 27 through 29 March). This was in response to several requests from attendees who wanted to stay over the Sunday after HD&F for sightseeing or to visit friends in the region.

I went to the hotel's Web site and noticed that rooms are sometimes available at a lower price than HD&F's guaranteed rates. Why?

​At times because of special promotions, you may indeed reserve rooms at lower rates. However, in view of 2019’s sellout, the hotel will probably not run a promotion during our weekend. Even if it did, such promotional reservations usually are nonrefundable. (Always read the fine print!) If you reserve a room at the HD&F rate and later find you cannot attend, you may cancel your reservation until noon of the day you would have arrived. Of course, notify the hotel of cancellations as quickly as possible so the room can be assigned to another attendee.

Exactly what does my registration fee include?

  •  All registrations include: the Friday evening Welcome Reception with wine, beer, soft drinks, and hors d’œuvres ​(you can make a light meal from them); Saturday coffee and tea service until noon; and Saturday luncheon. Attendees who lodge at the Clarion will also have complimentary breakfast.
  • The Conference Banquet is extra. If you are coming with a spouse or friend who will not go to the Conference, he or she is welcome to attend the Banquet on Saturday evening upon purchase of a second Banquet admission. The event will be held at Company 7 BBQ, an award-winning restaurant an easy walk from the hotel. (However, there will be a shuttle.) Company 7’s most recent award, in 2017, was being named one of the 37 best BBQ eateries in the USA … and the only ​one in Ohio! There will be a cash bar. Company 7 prides itself on a wide selection of craft beers, some locally brewed. (“Your beer should be excellent if it is as good as your BBQ.” —BLUE [slightly modified])

Why is there an “early bird” discount?

People who register early help us better to plan for HD&F. We return the favor with an “early bird” discount. The price of the Banquet, however, remains the same even after the expiration of the discount.

I have never purchased anything on line. Will you guide me through the process?

  • First and foremost, read the directions further up on this page. These will be posted when 2020 registration opens in the Fall.
  • HD&F uses a secure service called “Pay Pal” for on-line registration. If you look carefully (as Sherlock Holmes would) you will observe that registration and payment take place at Pay Pal’s Web site, not ours. Look for the image of a padlock with a circle around it.
  • Have a credit or debit card at hand.Pay Pal accepts all major cards. When paying, click on the “PayWithout a Pay Pal Account” option. (You wouldn’t be reading this if you have a Pay Pal account.) Pay Pal does all the arithmetic for you.
  • Y​our registration takes the form of an imaginary “shopping cart.”After making a selection, you may either click the “Continue Shopping” button at the top right, for example, to register someone else or buy another Banquet admission, or proceed to the checkout. When requested, enter your credit card numbers with or without spaces.
  • You can inspect the contents of your “cart” at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the on-line registration form and clicking the “View Cart” button. (It may appear in a different position if you use a small tablet or smart phone, especially if you’re holding it in the so-called “portrait” [short side up] position.) If you have made a mistake or changed your mind about something, you may add or remove items from your “cart.”

Do members of THE AGRA TREASURERS of Dayton and the nearby TANKERVILLE CLUB of Cincinnati receive discounts? Do HD&F staff get in free?

“Our professional charges are upon a fixed scale. We do not vary them, save when we remit them altogether.”

We shamelessly borrow much of the following wording  from our collegues at A Scintillation of Scions:HOLMES, DOYLE, & FRIENDS  is a fan-run event. All involved with managing HD&F are volunteers, and pay their own undiscounted registration fees, unless they are also speakers. Proceeds from registration are used to cover conference expenses, including maintenance of our Web site. THE TANKERVILLE CLUB of Cincinnati does indeed raffle off admissions to two lucky Tankervillains (sorry, we couldn’t resist that!), but the Club purchases those admissions. The only discount offered is the one for early registration.