Vendor Registration: $55The "early bird" discount expired on 16 February.

If you have merchandise to sell, select this option, which  includes one 6-foot display table. Vendors requiring more than one table for their merchandise may rent an extra one (see the next option). This registration fee includes the Friday evening Welcome Reception and a box lunch with several menu choices. Click anywhere on the first selection (“Croissant Club Sandwich”) and the others will appear. Select the one you prefer. If you plan to be both a vendor and a presenter, there is no need for a second registration. One fee takes care of both, but register as a vendor, since that tells us how many tables we need. Please also see the Speakers’ Guide.

General Registration: $65 Per PersonThe "early bird" discount expired on 16 February.

 Although this is the option most attendees will choose, do not take it if you are a presenter (speaker) or a vendor. Your registration includes the Friday evening Welcome Reception and a box lunch on Saturday, for which you have several menu choices. Click anywhere on the first selection (“Croissant Club Sandwich”) and the others will appear. Select the one you prefer. If you are registering for more than one person (a spouse or a friend), go through the process again.

Saturday Evening Banquet: $20 Per Person

 Saturday luncheon is included in your Registration fee, but the Saturday evening Banquet is an optional extra. If you come  with someone who (heaven forbid!) will not attend the Conference, he or she is welcome to attend the buffet Banquet. If you are buying admission for two (or even three) ​people, for example, yourself, your spouse, and a friend, click  on the “One Person” option below to buy up to three admissions. There will be a cash bar at the Banquet.

Luncheon Options:
Luncheon Options:

Both mail and on-line registration are now open—fees unchanged  from 2017 !

For mail registration, with payment by check or money order, merely click on the blue button just below for a printable Registration Form. On-line registrants can use any major credit card. ​Both mail and on-line registrations are largely self-explanatory, but there are further instructions at the very bottom of this page.

The “Helpful Details” document covers such things as the airport shuttle, driving directions, nearby churches and restaurants, local weather, sightseeing, etc.

How Many Banqueters?

Vendor space is now sold out​.

… or register and pay on line​!

​Follow instructions below. All major credit cards accepted. If you are not familiar with the on-line registration process, please read the instructions at the very bottom of this page.

Speaker or Presenter Registration: $55The "early bird" discount expired on 16 February.

 ATTENTA! Our Program is now full! If your presentation has already been accepted by Dan Andriacco, the Program Chairman, please register as quickly as possible. Also let Mr. Andriacco know if you need Power Point. (For considerably more detailed technical information, please see the Speakers’ Guide, below.) Your registration fee includes the Friday evening Welcome Reception and a box lunch on Saturday, for which you have several menu choices. Click anywhere on the first selection (“Croissant Club Sandwich”) and the others will appear. Select the one you prefer.

Vendor space is now sold out​.

Extra Table: $25

The one table included in your Vendor Registration Fee should suffice for most vendors. However, if you  have an extraordinary variety of merchandise, click on the “Add to Cart” button just below to rent up to two more 6' tables.

Frequently-asked questions.

Why is there so little mention of the hotel on the mail-in conference registration form … and none at all in on-line registration?

Reserving a room at the hotel is separate from Conference registration. ​You must make your own reservation, but do  not use the chain’s (800) number. Instead, please call the Clarion Inn directly at its local number, (937) 832-1234. Mention  HD&F when making your reservation to receive the special discount rate. As with almost anywhere else in  this country,  all room prices quoted are subject to sales and occupancy taxes. Room rates are unchanged from 2016 and 2017. The ongoing renovation of the Clarion Inn should be almost complete by March 2018.

 Well then, what does my registration fee include?

  •  All registrations include: the Friday evening Welcome Reception with wine, beer, soft drinks, and hors d’œuvres ​(you can make a light meal from them); Saturday coffee and tea service until noon; and Saturday luncheon. (Attendees who lodge at the Clarion will also have complimentary breakfast.)
  • The Conference Banquet is extra. If you are coming with a spouse or friend who will not go to the Conference, he or she is welcome to attend the Banquet on Saturday evening upon purchase of a second Banquet admission. The event will be held at Company 7 BBQ, an award-winning restaurant an easy walk from the hotel. (There will be a shuttle, however.) Company 7’s most recent award (in early 2017) was being named one of the 37 best BBQ eateries in the USA … and the only ​one in Ohio! There will be a cash bar. Company 7 prides itself on a wide selection of craft beers, some locally brewed. (“Your beer should be excellent if it is as good as your BBQ.” —BLUE [slightly modified])

A friend registered back in January. Why is the registration fee higher now?

The early registration discount expired on February 16. The price of the Banquet, however, remains the same.

I have never purchased anything on line. Will you guide me through the process?

  • First and foremost, read the directions further up on this page.
  • HD&F uses a secure service called “Pay Pal” for on-line registration. If you look carefully (as Sherlock Holmes would do), you’ll see that registration and payment take place at Pay Pal’s Web site, not ours.
  • Have a credit or debit card at hand.  Pay Pal accepts all major cards. When paying, click on the “PayWithout a Pay Pal Account” option. (You wouldn’t be reading this if you have a Pay Pal account.)
  • Y​our registration takes the form of an imaginary “shopping cart.”  After making a selection, you may either click the “Continue Shopping” button (for example, to purchase another Banquet admission) or proceed to the checkout.
  • You can inspect the contents of your “cart” at any time  by scrolling to the bottom of the on-line registration form and clicking the “View Cart” button. (It may appear in a different position if you use a small tablet or smart phone, especially if you’re holding it in the so-called “portrait” [short side up] position.) If you have made a mistake or changed your mind about something, you may add or remove items from your “cart.”
  • Pay Pal does the arithmetic,  but you will have a chance to review everything and make last-minute additions or corrections before “checking out” (in other words, giving Pay Pal your credit card number and registering).