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The Agra Fort, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, played an important role in “The Sign of the Four”, an early Sherlock Holmes adventure.

ATTENTA—PERICOLO—Change of location!

THE AGRA TREASURERS is the Sherlock Holmes literary society of Dayton. We usually meet for luncheon or dinner at a local restaurant every other month. In the summer, we frequently also have a picnic, as we did last July. After the meal, there is generally a business meeting, and finally, quiz on one of Sherlock Holmes’ cases. In addition to a prize, the winner gives the quiz for the following meeting. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, 22 January, 2017 1:00 P.Mat The Airway Kitchen, 4918 Airway Road, Dayton (Riverside) Ohio  45431—click here for a map. Please note that this is not the originally scheduled restaurant. There is plenty of free parking on site, and the restaurant is accessible by omnibus routes #1 or 11. (A short walk is required if you use ’bus route #11.) Click here  for schedules. (Please note that weekend schedules are attenuated.) After the meal and a business meeting, we’ll have a quiz by BETH HATHAWAY on “The Reigate Squires” (cited in some editions of The Canon as “The Reigate Puzzle”).

New members are always welcome!