Code corrected so all 4 entrées are now available.

Vendors and attendees can view their Shopping Carts at any time by tapping or clicking here.

Luncheon Menu Options

On-Line Registration:

1. Speakers ​must use the “traditional” (mail-in) form (upper portion of this page), or ask Dan Andriacco (DrDan [at], Program Chairman, to handle registration for them. They may, however, pay for the Banquet on line.

2. General Registrants (most of us) and Vendors may register on line. No transactions take place on our Web site! Our agent is Pay Pal, one of the most secure services in the industry. Before registering, please have a credit card on hand, unless you have a Pay Pal account (most of us don’t). Pay Pal accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, etc.). Click or tap on the Pay as a Guest, Pay ​with a Debit or Credit Card, or Pay without a Pay Pal Account button (different texts may appear on different devices).

3. Your purchases (registration and banquet fees) appear in a virtual (imaginary) “shopping cart.”  If you believe there has been an error, you may inspect and edit this “shopping cart”​ at any time before the final checkout.

4. Additional Charges may apply after 25 February. Vendor Space has already sold out. Register early!

5. Now go to specific instructions for General Attendees (most of us) and Vendors. (On PCs, laptops, and large tablets, General Attendees’ instructions are below to the left, while Vendors’ instructions are now deleted.)

Problems? Scroll down to the bottom of this page for solutions to four common problems.

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Banquet Admission(s)

On-Line Banquet Registration:

  • The Friday evening Reception and luncheon on the day of the Conference (Saturday) are both included in the General, Speaker, and Vendor registration above.
  • The post-Conference Banquet on Saturday evening is separate and costs $20 per person.
  • If you come with someone (a spouse or a friend) who (horrors!) does not plan to attend HD&F, he or she can purchase a Banquet admission without registering for the conference.

​We regret to say that the Queen will not able to attend the Banquet. She is closeted with Lord Primrose, her Prime Minister, on the Afghan crisis.

Vendor Space has now 

sold out!

Signed up too late? For refunds, contact our Chancellor of the Exchequer (Woman of Business/Treasurer), Ann Siefker: AnnSiefker (at)

All readily visible wire (e-mail) addresses on this site have been disabled by substituting “(at)” for the “@” symbol. Please type an address by hand.

General Early On-Line Conference

Registration (that's most of us)

  • Selecting your lunch automatically registers you for HD&F. Choose among four entrées by clicking or tapping anywhere on the first choice (Croissant Club Sandwich). A menu will pop out.
  • ​ If you register on behalf of more than one person and all pick the same luncheon entrée, use the “Quantity” option that appears with the pop-out menu. ​If some have different menu choices, click on the Continue Shopping option (upper right-hand corner of most screens, but may appear in different places on some devices), then repeat the registration procedure for each entrée.
  • ​Going to the Banquet on Saturday evening? That’s extra. See below.

Registration for “Holmes, Doyle, & Friends

2021 … B”  (2022) is now open!  

Vendor space has sold out.

  • DATEFriday evening through Saturday evening, March 11 and 12, 2022.
  • PLACE: The Airport Clarion Inn, Dayton Ohio … convenient to Interstate Highways 70 and 75, and, of course, to the Dayton Airport (free airport shuttle).
  • General Registration (Luncheon & Welcome Reception included) and Saturday Evening Banquet fees are unchanged from 2019!
  • Click on the button below for “traditional​” registration. (Print the form, fill it out, mail it to the address shown on the form with your cheque or money order. The postal authorities frown on sending gold or notes through the mails.)
  • On-line registration is now also open. See instructions below.
  • 2019’s HD&F was sold out. HD&F for 2020 was within two spaces of being sold out before it was canceled because of the epidemic. It pays to register early — vendor space has already sold out! (6 PM ET, October 21 2021)


There is a time-worn adage among engineers: “When all else fails, read the directions!” The following suggestions assume that you are still having problems despite having read and followed the instructions.

As you you know, our agent for commercial transactions is a company whimsically called “Pay Pal.” Pay Pal has recently made improvements in its programming. These alleged improvements occasionally give rise to some minor problems. If you find that Pay Pal is balky, merely trying again will often solve things.

Does the Web site “lock up” at any point in the registration process? One trick that frequently solves difficulties is to change your browser. As you may know, having access to the Internet is not enough. Much of the content of the Internet — most, if you do not count wires (e-mails) — will appear on your screen as gibberish. A program called a “browser” is needed to change this gibberish into language and images. Browsers are given away free by the companies that publish them. The most popular browser is Chrome, by the Alphabet Company, makers of the Google search engine. (Chrome runs on almost any digital device.) Another popular browser is Edge, published by the Microsoft Corporation (Edge runs only on machines using the Windows operating system.) Yet a third is Safari, which comes with devices manufactured by the Apple Company. (Safari only functions on Apple’s proprietary operating system.)

Are you having problems with your “smart” telephone? One quick fix (this may also apply to small tablets) is to use landscape rather than portrait mode. Landscape mode is where you hold your instrument with one of its long sides up. Portrait mode — instinctive with most people — is when you hold the instrument with one of its short sides up. In this case, going against your instincts might produce better results. Best of all is to throw over your telephone completely in favour of a desktop computer, a laptop, or a larger tablet.​