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THE AGRA TREASURERS  is the Sherlock Holmes literary society of Dayton. Nationally, we’re  best known as the sponsors of Holmes, Doyle, & Friends (hereafter HD&F), a conference about things Victorian in general and Holmesian in particular that began in 1981. Please click or tap on the"About Us ​ and HD&F​ tabs at the top of the page for more information. Locally, we usually meet every other month for luncheon or dinner at a restaurant in the area or a member’s residence. Meetings normally end with a quiz about one of Holmes’ cases. In the Summer, we frequently also have a picnic. Our next meeting will be 1:00 P.M. Sunday, 7 Aprilat Archer’s Tavern, 2030 East Dorothy Lane, in suburban Kettering  45420.   Tap or click here for a map. The quiz will be on “Black Peter”.

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