The Agra Fort, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, played an important role in “The Sign of the Four”, an early Sherlock Holmes adventure.

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THE AGRA TREASURERS is the Sherlock Holmes literary society of Dayton. We usually meet for luncheon or dinner at a local restaurant every other month. In the summer, we frequently also have a picnic, as we did last July. After the meal, there is generally a business meeting, and finally, quiz on one of Sherlock Holmes’ cases. In addition to a prize, the winner gives the quiz for the following meeting. Our next meeting will be on Sunday, 25 June, 2017 1:00 P.Mat The Airway Kitchen, 4918 Airway Road, Dayton (Riverside) Ohio  45431—click here for a map. There is plenty of free parking on site, and the restaurant is accessible by omnibus routes #1 or 11. (A short walk is required if you use ’bus route #11.) Click here for schedules. (Please note that weekend schedules are attenuated.) After the meal and a business meeting, we’ll have a quiz by Stanley Wyllie on “The Red-Headed League.”

New members are always welcome!