Last revised, 8 Apr. 2023.

Founders’ Quadrangle ...
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—Cathy Gill, ​67, on 24 August 2017, of Diabetes and cardiac failure, a Founding Member of The Agra Treasurers.

—Ritchie Thomas, 85, on 24 May 2016. Although a Founding Member of THE DARLINGTON SUBSTITUTES, Ritchie retired and moved with his wife to the West Coast just as The Agra Treasurers started.

—Tom McElfresh, 80, on 16 February 2015, a Founding Member of The Agra  Treasurers, and designer of the Holmes, Doyle, & Friends logotype.

​—Stuart Gill, 78, on 12 February 2014, of complications related to Diabetes, a Founding Member of The Agra Treasurers. 

​​​—Robert Woodward Gardier, Ph.D., 83, on 7 July 2013, of Parkinson’s Disease, a Founding Member of THE DARLINGTON SUBSTITUTES.​​

—Don Robertson, on 3 November 2005, of a heart attack, a Founding Member of The Agra Treasurers.​


​​ ALVIN E. RODIN, M.D., B.S.I., on 18 March 1999, just short of his 73rd birthday, of Alzheimers Disease.



“Stand With Me Here Upon the Terrace.”

We fondly recall friends who are now living “Where it’s always 1895.”

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  • Stanley Clarke Wyllie,​ 86, on 1 September 2022. A retired librarian, Stanley’s convivial presence at our meetings will long be remembered.
  • James Hughes, Ph.D., 81, on 7 November 2020, Professor Emeritus (retired) of English at Wright State University. Although a Founding Member of THE DARLINGTON SUBSTITUTES, Jim never joined The Agra Treasurers. 
  • Helen Pflaum,79, on 1 January 2020. Helen was a longtime member of The Treasurers until she and her husband moved to California in 2017.
  •  Joel Senter, Ph.D., 88, of Cancer, on 23 July 2018. Joel was Professor Emeritus of Statistical Psychology at the University of Cincinnati. Together with his wife, Carolyn, Joel published The Sherlockian E[lectric]-Times, now defunct, a newsletter of events, publications, and news related to Sherlock Holmes. Joel and Carolyn were members of The Agra Treasurers of Dayton, and THE TANKERVILLE CLUB of nearby Cincinnati. Click here for an affectionate obituary.
  • Robert Fleissner, Ph.D., 84, on 25 April 2017. Bob was a distinguished scholar of English Literature, the author of such books as Dickens and Shakespeare (1965), and Shakespeare, Religion, and Beyond (2010), as well as more than 250 learned articles. He was Professor Emeritus of English at Central State University, and attended the first Holmes/Doyle Symposium in 1981, which was jointly sponsored by Central State and nearby Wright State Universities. He attended and spoke regularly at the event thereafter, until his health declined.  
  • Kent Ross,​ 74, on 22 March 2016. In addition to being a member of The Agra Treasurers, Kent was a Founding Member of THE ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN SHERLOCKIANS.
  • Nancy van Atta, 59, on 18 March 2015, of early-onset Parkinson’s Disease.
  •  Johanna Columbro,  64, on 16 November 2014, of Cancer. Jo was our original Webmistress.
  •  Morton Ohlbaum, ​82, on 24 April 2012. A retired optician and Second Amendment enthusiast, Mort will always be remembered for the paper he delivered to The Agra Treasurers on the history of air guns and their role in the Canon.
  •  Daniel Gebhart, ​68, on 26 December 2011.
  • Carl Becker, Ph.D., 84, Professor Emeritus of History at Wright State University, on 13 October 2008, of heart failure. Although a Founding Member of THE  DARLINGTON SUBSTITUTES, Carl never joined The Agra Treasurers.
  •  Charles Morris II, ​63, on 15 November 2005, of injuries suffered from an automobile accident​.