There is a time-worn adage among engineers: “When all else fails, read the directions!” The following suggestions assume that you are still having problems despite having read and followed the instructions.

Are you having problems with your “smart” telephone? One quick fix (this may also apply to small tablets) is to use landscape rather than portrait mode. Landscape mode is where you hold your instrument with one of its long sides up. Portrait mode — instinctive with most people — is when you hold the instrument with one of its short sides up, as you would a book. In this case, going against your instincts might produce better results. Best of all is to throw over your telephone in favour of a desktop computer or a larger tablet.

If you find that Pay Pal is balky, merely trying again will often solve things. Our agent for commercial transactions is a company whimsically called "Pay Pal." In 2021, Pay Pal made improvements in its programming. These alleged improvements occasionally give rise to minor problems.

Does the Web site "lock up" at any point? One trick that frequently solves difficulties is to change your browser. As you may know, having access to the Internet is not enough. Much of the content of the Internet — most, if you do not count wires (e-mails) — will appear on your screen as gibberish. A program called a "browser" is needed to change this gibberish into language and images. Browsers are given away free by the companies that publish them. The most popular browser is Chrome, by the Alphabet Company, makers of the Google search engine. (Chrome runs on almost any digital device.) Another popular browser is Edge, published by the Microsoft Corporation (Edge runs on machines using the Windows and Apple operating systems.) Yet a third is Safari, which comes with devices manufactured by the Apple Company. (Safari works on both Windows and Apple's operating system.)


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Tap or click on the buttons to the right (or below on some smart telephones) for programmes from previous Conferences.

The HD&F events for 2020 and 2121 were cancelled because of the Woo-Han Corruption epidemic.


Although there is a free shuttle available between the hotel and the Dayton Airport, we regret that we cannot offer shuttles from either London’s Paddington or Dayton’s Union Stations. Please take a hansom equipped with Mr. Wells’ time travel apparatus.

Dan Andriacco, our genial Program Chairman, introduces a speaker at the 1864 HD&F.

Last revised: 20 Nov. 2023

(Correction of minor misprints)

Traditional (mail-in) HD&F registration is now open! We are pleased to announce that on-line registration will be available in early December, and that both registration and Hotel Room Rates* are unchanged!

*Unchanged (from last year) hotel room rates are only guaranteed through December 31.​​